9th Symposium of the WCHS. Non-violence


In the context of the 9th WCHS Symposium, dedicated to the limits to overcome in order to get out of the unprecedented crisis that affects us, the eradication of violence is obviously one of the issues at stake.

The persistence of political and economic powers in using violence as a means to maintain or extend their hegemony, and the generalisation of violence as a basis of expression for human existence, lock humanity into destructive, pusillanimous and dead-end patterns.

In spite of these alarming conditions, there is a worldwide trend towards profound change in all areas, based on resolutely non-violent values. Whether in the economy, technology, education, the environment, the humanities, spiritual investigations or other sectors, the question of the limits imposed by the current societal system is at the heart of the concerns.

Investigations and initiatives, still fragmented and often experimental, are multiplying exponentially. An individual and collective consciousness is nourishing this strong intention to move on to another history and to put an end to violence.

This 9th WCHS Symposium will be an opportunity to examine and stimulate this hopeful trend.

Call for papers - deadline: 28/2/2023: http://2023.worldsymposium.org/en/call