9th Symposium of the WCHS. The question of gender and feminisms towards the construction of a nonviolent society


The gender issue is crossing our borders of thought. Today the issue of gender raises not only sexual diversity, but also includes identity, the relationship between peers and with other generations, the relationship with the world, the interpretation of reality, etc.

In parallel, it is increasingly evident to society that violence against women is an undeniable historical fact over the centuries; An issue that, according to feminist currents, responds to the patriarchal structure of today's society.

We also see a greater sensitivity in society for the struggle of women to demand their rights, the full recognition of women in their contribution to humanity, the denaturalization and overcoming of violence.

Freedom, intentionality and its personal, social and historical transforming action characterize people, and it is in this context that we are interested in putting on the table the expression of the new ways of understanding the gender issue and feminisms.

How to address the gender issue in a polarized world in which it is intended to ignore the rights of LGTBIQ+ minorities? What has generated discrimination and violence against women and against other diversities? What is it that gives sustenance and strength to the feminist and diversity movements today? What are the images that enable social transformation towards a non-violent and non-discriminatory society?

Call for papers - deadline: 28/2/2023: http://2023.worldsymposium.org/en/call