9th Symposium of the WCHS. Social ecology axis: Climate and ecological crisis, what boundaries of thought do we need to overcome? 


The evident crisis of civilization that humanity is going through, as well as the reality of climate change, place the human species before ecological limits which, if they were to be exceeded, will continue to seriously disturb living conditions throughout the planet. Hence, without a doubt, it deserves deep reflection and action to face the future.

The last volume of the 6th Assessment Report published by the IPCC called "Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability" states that the expected climate impacts will be much more severe than those previously estimated. Such impacts are already wreaking havoc on our planet and people through droughts, “…scorching heat, destruction of ecosystems, stronger storms and massive flooding, extinction of species… Our planet is in danger, and is being pushed to its limits, and at times further, and the most vulnerable people and ecosystems suffer the most.

What possibilities do we have to face this situation? 
We live under the belief of economic growth and unlimited consumption, but in ecological terms, the earth has a certain carrying capacity; which means that above this limit, the earth's ecosystem as we know it will collapse just as scientists have been warning; however, the established system seems to be turning a blind eye or simply ignoring such warnings. 

On the other hand, from the common sense of a large part of the population, there is a belief that scientists will be in charge of fixing things and in the meantime, we only have to live our daily life just paying attention to our projects and to our family. 

What seems interesting is that, at the same time, since the initiative of many people a few years ago, deep reflections and actions have been taking place aimed at rethinking the role of the human species in the ecosocial system, in search of harmonizing the relationship we have with the ecological environment of which we are part of.

We are interested in this ninth Symposium in reflecting on the ecological limits and the limits of the beliefs that have been automatically leading us to climatic collapse; as well as the way solutions to the climate and ecological crisis are being produced from different orientations with initiatives that break the limits of established beliefs and that are fostering new ways of dealing with the relationship between humans and nature.

Call for papers - deadline: 28/2/2023: http://2023.worldsymposium.org/en/call