Ethical Commitment

Ceremony of Ethical Commitment


We live in a world in which many are still willing to sell their knowledge and learning for any purpose. This has led to our planet being covered with machines of death. Others have used their ingenuity to invent methods to manipulate, silence, and put to sleep the consciousness of the people.

But all around the world there are also men and women who use Science and Knowledge to overcome poverty, hunger, pain, and suffering, to give voice and confidence to the oppressed.

Today, at the beginning of the third millennium, the survival of Humanity is threatened, and a nightmare of violence, war, and nuclear catastrophe hangs over our Earth.

Therefore today we express our commitment to use knowledge only for the well-being and development of the human being.

Those present:

I choose and commit myself
To advance the development of knowledge
Beyond what is accepted as absolute truth.
I commit myself to apply this knowledge
Only for the well-being of humanity,
To overcome pain and suffering.


Good knowledge leads to justice.
Good knowledge leads to reconciliation.
Good knowledge also leads us to decipher the sacred in the depths of our consciousness.

We call on all universities, research institutions, professional associations, and social and cultural organizations, to institute this ethical commitment, in order to ensure that knowledge is used only to overcome pain and suffering, to humanize the Earth.

Peace, Force, and Joy for all!