Manual of personal development for members of the Humanist Movement

The Humanist Movement works for personal development as a function of social transformation.

It struggles for the humanization of the world as an internationalist and anti-discriminatory force based on solidarity and nonviolence as a methodology of action.

The doctrinaire aspects of the Movement’s activities and projects are based on the vision of Universal Humanism and this vision is the basis for its development and for the personal training of its members.

This Manual includes a series of Study Themes and Modules recommended for all members of the Movement who feel the need to advance in personal growth and strength, simultaneously with the development of their projects of social transformation.

It is organised in two major sections: 20 study themes and 15 seminars and retreats of personal work.

The themes developed in both sections summarise the most relevant theoretical and practical aspects of Humanist doctrine.

These study themes, retreats and seminars of personal work have been conceived to be done in the Centres of Work of the Parks of Study and Reflection since these places, with their open spaces and Halls, inspire internal experience and rich interchange. When our Parks are not available nearby, a Centre of Work can be considered to be any place temporarily rented to do these works.

Finally, in every one of the works we give bibliographical references to which each person can refer in order to broaden and deepen the themes dealt with.