9th Symposium of the WCHS. Communication in the 21st century


The world is in crisis, however, there are overcoming actions that, driven by the people, cross borders. At the same time, the forces that are still dominant, responsible for the serious current social and environmental problems, seek to sustain discourses that slow down the processes of change and deepen conflicts, often reversing important achievements of social groups.

How to break the determinisms that provoke these corporate discourses? How to gain freedom by using community and alternative media? How to expand the reach of your content? If the Internet is an opportunity in this sense, can it also put people's rights at risk? Keeping in mind that there is only community if there is communication, how to strengthen that communication by spreading inspiring local stories, as a tool for the transformation of the world and to improve the bond between people? What role does art have as a channel for reflections and dialogues on current problems and on the future we long for?

Call for papers - deadline: 28/2/2023: http://2023.worldsymposium.org/en/call