9th Symposium of the WCHS. Economy for freedom


The dimension of the current crisis shows that the current economic system - based on a productivist and consumerist model dependent on the domination of the great international financial capital - does not work; that it is taking the terrestrial ecosystem that supports life to the limit of the point of no return; that is governed by the value of money; that it sits in the paradigm that grants capital the power to decide on the direction of profit, while the worker only receives the salary; that it has a skewed distributive matrix of capital and that leads to usury, speculation and the generation of parasitic income, that is, non-productive; and that increasingly worsens the unfair distribution of wealth (the richest 1% compared to the vast majority of the population).

The current situation is the result of a long historical process in which capital is increasingly concentrated in the hands of banks. This process is heading towards a saturation of the system that is unleashing a succession of various crises of a global nature.

The concentration of capital in the hands of the banks is now not only capable of dominating the interests of national states but also tries to dominate subjectivity thanks to the control of the media and information.

However, today too, a sensibility with a community and sustainable matrix emerges from many sectors, people who are learning to revalue teamwork, young people who try alternative lifestyles, thinkers who speak of the economy of well-being; organizations that begin to worry about the development of the human potential of their workers.

Etymologically the word economy means "to manage the house"; Inspired by its original meaning and within the framework of the Ninth Symposium, we invite you to cross the barriers of the "laws" that govern the economy and to rethink the future of the administration of the common home in an evolutionary and harmonious direction with the ecosystem that sustains life.

Given this situation, it will be interesting to observe how various economic proposals that include the dimensions of human well-being, the fair relationship between capital and work, overcoming the climate crisis, international cooperation, etc., can be intertwined, aiming to create a new model. economic and social in accordance with the deepest aspirations of the human being.

Call for papers - deadline: 28/2/2023: http://2023.worldsymposium.org/en/cal